Senior League

It’s the league of men and women. These are teams made up of people over 18 years. Such people don’t need representation by their parents on the teams. They can act independently as they are already citizens of the nation. The seniors are quite aggressive as they know what they are doing. They can be skillful and hungry for victory. That is unlike the young teams that have to be encouraged and nurtured to participate. Most of the seniors are also seeking for career opportunities and they know they have to look good to make it out there. The performance of the heavens best league has been excellent. We have seen real action on the pitches as every team attempts to carry the day and the league. The events have been lively and credit should go to all players and their support bases.


It’s part of the plan on how things are run every season. The schedule is the time table showing clearly which teams will meet and on what dates and on which pitches. If you want to access the schedule to learn more about the head to heads, then you can easily do that on this website. This is necessary to know when you have to travel for away matches to support your team or to get ready as a player.

Exiting football

Every season, all the teams have to meet. The ladies have to battle for the cup every game day and so do the men. The heavens football league has been able to bring people around the Los Angeles area together to witness these numerous battle as they happen.

If you are interested in the senior league, feel free to contact us and we will advise accordingly on which senor team to join.