Junior League

The heavens best football club accommodates all. There is the senior team that is entrusted with all the competitions and awards. Under them are the junior teams. These are the youth version of the team. They operate in the same manner as the seniors taking part in the competition in the junior league. It’s a complete league as well as every senior team has a junior team. These are the lads usually of under 18 years of age.

A development league

The purpose of this league is to nurture upcoming soccer talent. Training starts for kids as early as 5 years of age. The kids are trained and evaluated by the equipped coaches. In the process, the talented kids are discovered and the necessary development procedures are applied to ensure that all the roadblocks ahead of them are eliminated.

Foreseeing the future

As a matter of fact, all the living creatures reproduce. If heavens best FC can compared to the living creatures, then it could qualify. That is because of the amount of commitment dedicated to ensure that youngsters join the club and the league. The idea is that the senior team will not exist forever. When the team is out of operation, then the younger team will take over. Of course not immediate but continually. The youngsters who qualify to be in the senior teams age-wise will be welcomed in the top league.

Most of the junior teams despite being affiliated to the senior teams are ran by volunteers. These are well-wishers wanting the best out of the lads. They are the people who make the junior league competitive and viable.

For updates about the junior league which is always full of surprises, stay in touch on this website. That includes when the next matches are coming up and whether home or away.