Football is a global game and the most superior as at now. Los Angeles is together with the rest of the world in strengthening the game. The heaven’s best football club is all about soccer for everyone. We accommodate all young and old. We nurture the very new talent and keep the aged still active all in the name of soccer. Our objective is to keep the community’s initiative rolling. The league was developed by the local families estimated to be three generations down the line. And yet, progress has been recorded over the years. It has been a long journey getting to where we are, and more good things are coming our way. We are proud to own the community based club and the league.

All-inclusive club

It’s rare to find this kind of a group. We ensure that not gender, nor age discriminate people. There are teams for the youths and the youngsters. We are represented in all lad teams such as the U16s, U11s, U18s, and the like. And then we got the first eleven team. This is the team with the face of heavens best FC. It brings together the best ranged between 17 to 35 years of age. Anyone above that age goes to the senior team. Adults aren’t left behind either. We accommodate the over 35 to a single team where they may play for a cup or fun. It helps them keep it healthy.

New players are welcome

In order to keep the initiative running, we know that we have to keep the team growing. Inviting new players to the team is one way to do that, and we advocate for it. Local players are encouraged to show up and join the team. Anybody else is also welcome to join for the new season. We scout for best players amongst our teams to come up with the first eleven of the club.

We nurture talent

It’s a necessity especially in the junior teams. It’s how Messi, Ronaldo and the rest of the big talented players were discovered. We have discovered many young and talented players and helped them build their careers by strengthening their foundation and later encouraging them to join the big clubs. Our coaches are skilled to differentiate between the ordinary and the best.

A team of the community

We like associating ourselves with the Los Angeles are community as that is where we belong. The community made the club out of motivation to volunteer and build unity. The narrative continues and the club seeks for voluntary support from the community in both the management as well as team play. Membership info including subscription fees and any payments necessary are readily available on this website membership page.


We are ever an active club. We all have our roles to play during events. We keep everybody updated on upcoming events to be fully prepared for the challenge ahead. Other events are about celebrating the victory of our club. Others include committee meetings and AGMs. All events are well coordinated to accommodate all. Most importantly, the bigger events are the training sessions and the kickoff days when the teams are in action. We encourage all our members and fans to come out and show their support whenever there are teams meeting for a match within the league. So far, we have seen plenty of support in that area. That’s the spirit!


Whenever the public is involved, there has to be limits and the acceptable code of conduct. At heaven’s Best FC we have ensured that ethics are properly covered for everyone. There are ethics outlined for the players both junior and senior, the parents and the coaches. All these rules are meant to ensure fairness within the club and that no one hurts the other.


We welcome parties that want to help us keep the community spirit moving forward. We stand for unity and what is good for the Los Angeles area. Parties that have their objectives aligned to ours are welcomed for support.

So that the parties are incredible, we guarantee a healthy environmental, with mold free places.

If you are interested in joining the heaven’s best football FC as a player, contact us and we will have you playing in the teams where you fit.